Sunwaves 2901
stage design and live visuals
Electric Castle I Dance Garden02
stage design and live visuals collaboration with Noetic and Sunrise
Daad Festival 03
live visuals in the Dome
Sunwaves Festival
RADAR Flux05
the second edition of RADAR Festival
at The Mission
Live Studio Session
Livio and Roby08
Live Studio Session
Live Studio Session
Teatrul Național I Târgu-Mureș10
part of "Făt Frumos din Tărâmul de Azi" project
Galeria de Artă I Sfântu Gheorghe11
part of "Făt Frumos din Tărâmul de Azi" project
Live Studio Session
G47 13
Live Studio Session
Live Studio Session
LPM 201815
Live Mapping Contest at Live Performers Meeting in Rome first round and final round
Street Delivery 201716
Possible Gardens
Sepp and Nu Zau17
Live Studio Session
Live Studio Session
Ziua Eroilor
Artefact Assassin 24
real-time generative live visuals
The Mission 25
The Mission Presents: Sven Väth, Miss Kittin, Andrea Oliva
Interval Natural26
live visuals and drawings on a Transylvanian fortress
Waha Festival 27
Alt Stage 2018
The Mission29
in the Forest
Temple Invisible30
Live at Control
Ozora Festival 2017 Mainstage32
live visuals and drawings
Ozora 201933
Hallucinogen Live at Ozora 2019's Mainstage
Grolsch Residence34
interactive parallax installation
Robin and the Backstabbers36
live mixed cuts from Reconstituirea by Lucian Pintilie
Sunwaves 2537
video-mapping and LED stage design and live visuals
The Mission 39
Dance Weekend 2016